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We offer one-on-one coaching and small-group peer coaching sessions for Tech Leads and Software Engineering Managers.

We do practical soft-skill training. Preferring to focus on real situations the team is facing rather than a fixed curriculum.

“It's a great place to share challenges we have as leaders and to try [to] find ways to tackle them!

It's a safe space that helps build trust between [our] leaders and provides an environment for productive discussions.”

Peer coaching feedback

Why hire external training?

Providing soft skills coaching is typically expected of leaders within an organization, but it is often deprioritized.

  • Soft-skills training takes a lot of time. You have limited resources. When prioritizing the work of your strong leads with good soft-skills, you are more likely to have them focus on complex cross-functional projects than on training.
  • Developers are often led by inexperienced Tech Leads that focus on delivery and don’t have much time to focus on teaching soft skills.
  • Soft-skills are often a limiting factor when promoting developers. Having developers that feel stuck is likely to increase your regrettable attrition.
  • Technical Leaders respond well to training from fellow developers. Being trained by someone with a technical background is a great way to complement the more generic training provided by an HR department.

Why Garimpo?

Hi, my name is Thiago, and I run Garimpo. I have experience leading large software engineering teams in Fortune 500 companies and Startups. I love helping people grow in their careers and I started Garimpo to be able to do that full-time. I’m not just another service provider, I focus on becoming a real partner who is committed to the success of my clients. I also take pride in keeping the business small to focus on quality.

For more information see my LinkedIn page and the customer feedback below.

“The introduction of the Health Check survey and the team pulse survey into our Engineering, Product, and Design teams was a game-changer for Tourlane.

Not only did it enable the leadership team to have insight into how the teams were doing, the teams themselves felt heard. Each team lead has been very invested in using the information to better understand the health of the team and to make improvements.

We know this would be beneficial at any time, but it was even more important during the Covid pandemic, as we moved into remote working and wanted to gauge the team's feelings of engagement and care.”

Picture of Leah Farmer
Leah Farmer
SVP Product & Technology, Tourlane

“We have been working with Thiago since 2020 to offer peer coaching and one-on-one coaching to our Tech Leads and Engineering Managers.

The feedback is very positive: Thiago has extended knowledge as former Tech-executive, he has an always-positive approach to things and can create a friendly learning atmosphere.

He keeps an eye on the peer group dynamics and suggests changes to the group to put the right mix of people together. We are happy to continue our collaboration in the future.”


One-on-one coaching for leads and high-potential developers

Gives them access to coaching and mentorship in a low-risk environment. Provides an outside perspective and access to industry experience. They get a sense that your company is investing in their careers.

They can book on-demand or have a fixed schedule.

Peer coaching with small groups

Allows leaders and high-potential engineers to raise career-related questions in a safe environment. Creates a community of learners. They start seeing each other as resources for advice and problem-solving.

We create 3-person groups with roughly the same experience level and meet every 2-4 weeks.

Team Health Survey

Based on a version of the Spotify Health Check Model, it gives you insights into the mood of your team and highlights areas for improvement.

We offer a free version of the survey here. The free version gives you information about one team. The paid version includes aggregate values (team, area, etc) and trends over time. I recommend doing the survey once per quarter.


Competitive hourly rates for one-on-one and peer coaching sessions. For the survey, you are charged based on your team size. There are no minimum amounts, you only pay for what you use. We have no intention of tying you to a strict contract. If your team is not getting the value expected, market conditions force you to reduce costs, or if you need even more coaching hours, we can adapt.

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